About UBD
We believe in brands.

Dayu Xiangshang Brand Design Co., Ltd. provides a complete and professional brand planning and design scheme from the perspective of innovation, actively promotes the growth and development of national brands with the power of creativity, and provides 360 ° full service from brand strategy, brand design to brand positioning, brand naming, VI design, product design, spatial environment, etc. in the process of brand promotion, so as to inject innovation into the brand New, fresh and practical development impetus.
Our team
Teamwork always wins .
They are all from the first tier cities. They have served the world's top 500 enterprises and have rich practical experience. They are market strategists, they are strategic insights, they are brand planners, they are model innovators; they are marketing strategists, they are advertising creatives, they are visual design families, they are integrated communicators.
UBD Service
Packaging, logo vis, full case .
Advantage: photography is a photography company founded by many senior photographers with more than ten years of photographic experience. Over the years, photography with professional technology, dedicated service attitude and high standard requirements to win the affirmation and trust of customers. Nowadays, with good reputation of customers, photography has developed continuously and become the promoter and lover of the industry. |Heart, only for perfection|
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